Why transcribe your podcasts?

You are a podcaster and you wonder if transcribing your podcasts could be beneficial to you?

We have the answer, and it’s a yes! Transcription can only bring good things to your podcasts, and we’re going to tell you why.

Improving the SEO of your podcasts

Yes, having a written version of your podcasts ensures the increase of your SEO. Search engines work with the written word, it is with the words typed by Internet users that results appear on the Internet. The keywords and relevant words allow to gain visibility and have a quality ranking in the algorithm of the internet. This makes transcription essential for podcasters.

Offer your listeners several options

By transcribing your podcasts, you offer several options to your listeners and therefore more comfort. Indeed, they will be able to listen, read, or do both at the same time. The multiplication of the possibilities of access to your content ensures that you can accompany your listeners wherever they are, whether in public transport, at home or at work. At any time of the day, they can enjoy your podcasts.

Enriching the user experience

The transcription of your podcasts will also allow you to add new features. For example, by making a written version of your podcasts available, you will be able to add a timecode to allow everyone to find an important passage that they want to listen to or read again.

Increase accessibility

In France, 6 million people are deaf and hard of hearing. Thus, by publishing the transcripts of your podcasts, you give access to your podcasts to a wider audience and optimize your visibility / accessibility.

Highlighting the content

Always in a logic of maximizing your content, you can decide to transcribe your podcasts in the form of blog posts. Indeed, blogs will allow you to increase traffic on your website.

Thus, having created a podcast, you finally publish two contents and maximize your chances to be read, listened and shared.

Publish on other channels

Thanks to the transcription, you will be able to develop your presence on social networks. Indeed, you will be able to create and publish many posts on the networks, including sharing excerpts from your podcasts.

You will then encourage your subscribers to share, like and comment on your publications which will greatly increase your visibility and traffic to your podcasts. Similarly, you will be able to reach new targets and why not people who are not fans of podcasts but will be for the blogs. This bias can then be particularly relevant to your visibility on the Internet.

Transcribe with Noota

At Noota, you can take advantage of our automatic transcription service!

In just a few clicks, you get an optimal transcription of your podcast and can publish it directly on your website. To do this, you just need to import your audio file into our platform, wait a few moments, and then modify your transcription if necessary using our editor. Finally, you can export your file in the format of your choice before publishing it on your website or your social networks. For a free trial, click here.

If you need help with your transcript, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

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