Screen recorder NootEx

Use our browser extension to record any tab or application you want on your computer.

How it works?

Add NootEx

From the chrome store, install the Noota extension on your browser. Pin it to access it more easily.

Record your screens

Then select whether you want to save the whole screen, an application or the tab you are on.

Transcribe & Export

At the end of the recording you can start the transcription on your Noota account.

Welcome to the community

Our customers like the simplicity of our transcription tools. We remain fully available to help you implement analysis tools custom made for your application.

Thibaut P
Thibaut P
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What I like most is that there are almost no errors in the transcription, which is quite rare in this kind of application, because people's pronunciation can vary a lot. In addition, there is a very important option that saves a lot of time, which is the removal of verbal diffluencies.
Baptiste Leg
Very accurate
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Discovered Noota for a qualitative study. The platform has been really convincing.
Mélodie Loubier
Mélodie Loubier
Saved my life !
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Noota saved my life when i had to transcribe a lot of interview for my final thesis 😌
Us K.
Us K.
The best tool
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Noota help me save a lot of time everyday when i transcribe my meetings 👌
Eva M
Eva M
No better tool
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This is the software that will allow you to transcribe all your interviews quickly and efficiently. After having tested several sites, there is no better than Noota! I validate and recommend it!
Alice Labrune
Alice Labrune
Great tool - life savier
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A great tool when you have interviews to transcribe for a thesis...

Screen Recorder features

Choose between audio or video recording

When you want to start recording, you can choose between audio and video! The automatic management of the microphone activation avoids the echoes that you will find on many platforms, for a better sound quality.

No constraints! Record all your meetings online

We transcribe your files in over 70 languages and accents. You should find what you are looking for!

Save any tab or application

NootEx allows unlimited recording of the chrome browser tab, desktop, screen and any application window as well as the camera!

Add the return of your camera

You are in a video conference and you need to interact? Don't hesitate to take the lead and use the "screen return" feature that allows you to be filmed during the exchange.

Why NootEx ?

Do-follow meeting by recording

NootEx allows you to capture and record audio and video of all your online meetings.

To improve the quality of the transcription, the echo is filtered.

Easily generate captioned videos of your conversations and annotate important moments.

Use Noota today and start saving time and information

No credit card required.