The company

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Our mission

Noota’s mission ? To make the most of the essential information hidden in our conversations!
We are constantly exchanging information verbally, especially in our professional relationships.
Our memory does not allow us to record everything and we sometimes lose fundamental elements…

Our modern society also confronts us with a multitude of auditory and visual information that we do not always have time to process.

Yet this is an untapped mine of information which, if not recorded or memorised, is lost and cannot be shared.

It is in this context that Noota aims to become the assistant of professionals in order to record their exchanges, to synthesise them in the form of a report and to make accessible a new source of information that resides in our conversations. 

Our values


Free ourselves from our most tedious daily tasks.


Motivated by the desire to create what has never existed.


"Happiness can only exist if it is shared." Based on this principle, which we share with our teams and our clients

The team

Alexandre and Darius are above all two friends from engineering school. They decided to work towards a deeper understanding of our conversations by using all their know-how and by developing tools never before invented.

Alexandre Duffaut @CEO
Darius Al Naddaf @CTO