Live note taking software

Noota will transcribe live your meetings.
You can highlight an important moment in just one click.
Take a screenshot of any tab and add it to your notes.

How it works

Select dictation or auto mode

Select the "dictation" option and the mode you prefer (automatic or dictated).

Speak, annotate & Screenshot

You can highlight and add screenshot of any tab of your computer.

Download, export, share...

Is your file ready? Download it and export it in Word, PDF, Text, HTML, SRT, VTT and more!

Welcome to the community

Our customers like the simplicity of our transcription tools. We remain fully available to help you implement analysis tools custom made for your application.

Thibaut P
Thibaut P
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What I like most is that there are almost no errors in the transcription, which is quite rare in this kind of application, because people's pronunciation can vary a lot. In addition, there is a very important option that saves a lot of time, which is the removal of verbal diffluencies.
Baptiste Leg
Very accurate
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Discovered Noota for a qualitative study. The platform has been really convincing.
Mélodie Loubier
Mélodie Loubier
Saved my life !
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Noota saved my life when i had to transcribe a lot of interview for my final thesis 😌
Us K.
Us K.
The best tool
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Noota help me save a lot of time everyday when i transcribe my meetings 👌
Eva M
Eva M
No better tool
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This is the software that will allow you to transcribe all your interviews quickly and efficiently. After having tested several sites, there is no better than Noota! I validate and recommend it!
Alice Labrune
Alice Labrune
Great tool - life savier
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A great tool when you have interviews to transcribe for a thesis...

Do more than taking note

Focus on the essential and let Noota take notes for you with all these features

Dictate and set your own rules

You can dictate punctuation, line breaks, create new paragraphs... Enter your specific keywords and trigger actions such as inserting a text, a link, a contact and much more!

Trust Noota's automatic dictation

Another option: let Noota guide you. Just speak and the punctuation will be created automatically according to your intonations! For a quality rendering, we even filter out disfluencies, repetitions and hesitations. Of course, the text remains editable!

An important passage? Highlight!

There are those moments that we look for and never find... Create your own themes and associate key words or important passages with them. These custom tags allow you to find the key moments in one click!

Add a screenshot to your notes

A picture is worth 1000 words. That's why with Noota live notes you can insert a screenshot of any application, tab or desktop directly into the notes. You can also add a picture from you webcam.

Why dictate in real time?

Stop loosing information

During our daily professional conversation, we share important knowledge and yet, we just remember about 20% of it. 
Try to remember the last meeting you had, what do you really remember ? 
With Noota live taking, not any information is lost, you just need to speak and focus on what really matter, Noota will take care of the rest.

Create the report live, automatically

A report is important to share information with people that are not assisting a meeting, and also to remember what’s being said.
However, when you do a report, you need to take notes during the meeting and take time afterward to create an organized document.
With Noota, notes are automatically generated throught what’s being said and you can add screenshots of any application and  any tabs of your browser.
Share the resultat with every particpant in no time.

Find the relevant information in no time

During a one hour interview, we know that every moment has not the same value. So instead of going through the entiere recording, you can simply click a button and highlight moment.
It will make you recover relevant moment immediately.

Start using Noota today and save time with live transcription

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