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No more note-taking, Noota assists you on all your conversations.

  • Transcribe in over 70 languages.
  • Record and annotate your meetings live. 
  • Detect topics with the Noota analyzer.

Our solutions designed for you


Convert your audio files to text in over 70 languages within minutes.

Live dictation

Capture live exchanges, annotate and add screenshots.


Automatic subtitle generator
Customize the style and the subtitles of your video.


Automatic topic tagger, keywords, questions and more!

And what if we went further ?

AI to understand
user interview market research online comments user feedbacks qualitative study NPS comments customer meeting

Sentiment analysis per topic and question

Automatic detection and annotation of topics in your transcript

Labeling of responses to open-ended questions in your studies

Statistical analysis on one or more audio, video and CSV files

auto tag topic

Secure & Private

Our servers are located in France and Belgium and respect GDPR.
Your data is doubly encrypted.

security and privacy

Welcome to the community

Our customers like the simplicity of our transcription tool. We remain fully available to help you implement analysis tools custom made for your application.

Thibaut P
Thibaut P
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What I like most is that there are almost no errors in the transcription, which is quite rare in this kind of application, because people's pronunciation can vary a lot. In addition, there is a very important option that saves a lot of time, which is the removal of verbal diffluencies.
Baptiste Leg
Very accurate
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Discovered Noota for a qualitative study. The platform has been really convincing.
Mélodie Loubier
Mélodie Loubier
Saved my life !
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Noota saved my life when i had to transcribe a lot of interview for my final thesis 😌
Us K.
Us K.
The best tool
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Noota help me save a lot of time everyday when i transcribe my meetings 👌
Eva M
Eva M
No better tool
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This is the software that will allow you to transcribe all your interviews quickly and efficiently. After having tested several sites, there is no better than Noota! I validate and recommend it!
Alice Labrune
Alice Labrune
Great tool - life savier
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A great tool when you have interviews to transcribe for a thesis...

Noota, it is

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Unlimited transcription
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