How Artificial Intelligence is entering our daily lives

Artificial intelligence… This is a term that is used more and more. But what does it really mean and what are the benefits? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are at the right place! We are going to take up point by point its evolution and the advances that it has generated.

The term Artificial Intelligence was officially born during the Dartmouth Conference, a scientific workshop held in the summer of 1956. Since then, AI has not stopped developing. It can be defined as a theoretical discipline independent of computer science. It is a set of techniques, systems and machines that develop complex computer programs capable of simulating certain traits of human intelligence. The tasks performed by an Artificial Intelligence can be improved according to the information collected and thanks to iteration (repeating a process). However, AI has, for the moment, certain limitations such as the emotional capacity that is unique to humans.

To fully understand the origin of AI, it is interesting to consult the JCM article.

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence 

We will see that Artificial Intelligence can manifest itself in different forms.

Since its creation, what are the main benefits generated ?

Indeed, many advances have been observed, including :

For data sorting 🔍

This is one of the great advances brought about by AI! When confronted with a mass of data, it will be able to differentiate categories and sort them. As a result, when you go to Netflix or Amazon, the AI will suggest programs to your liking, depending on what you have watched in the last few days. On the other hand, your news feed on Facebook or the predictive algorithm on the price of airline tickets are also linked to it.

In communication 🗣

AI has also revolutionized this field. It allows interconnecting machines and programs (home automation) but also to establish a human-machine communication.

This required work, because machines and humans do not speak the same language. So we had to do some machine learning. Among the benefits, we can mention :

  • The conversational robot : it is one of the many applications using NLP (natural language processing). The conversational bot is a computer program that helps web visitors access the right service by answering their questions. Today, many companies use Chatbots for their customer service.

  • Search engines : it seems trivial now, but there is a lot of text and information analysis behind it. When you type in a word or a request, AI will help you find what you want, what comes closest, or give you an answer.

In speed 🏃🏼

Indeed, thanks to all these forms of AI, we save a lot of time ! We can see it with :

  • The cashless store : Amazon Go, does it speak to you ? It’s very recent, and we don’t have a supermarket of this type in France yet, but it doesn’t matter, it exists ! This American store in Seattle allows customers not to waste time waiting in line to pay for their items. All they have to do is help themselves and leave. Thanks to the many sensors and cameras placed in the store, customers are charged in a “zero click” way via the virtual basket of the application. Impressive, isn’t it ?

  • Automatic transcription : several players are present on this market today. The AI that is previously trained is able to transcribe your conversations (interviews, meetings, etc.). This allows many professionals to save a lot of time. Let’s take the example of Noota! All you have to do is record yourself, then import your audio file on the platform. In 15 minutes, your audio is converted into text! That’s many hours saved, because manual transcription requires real patience. Moreover, it is an opportunity for you to get fully involved in other tasks.

  • Navigation services : no more paper maps! Today you save time thanks to Google, Apple, Waze or others. Well, that’s Artificial Intelligence too! Thanks to these navigation services or also thanks to rental services such as Uber or Heetch our trips are optimized and much faster. We are informed of the traffic in real time, which allows us to act accordingly and make our trip more efficient.

For difficult exploration 🚀

Man is sometimes limited in his research because of his physical condition. AI has then largely contributed to our progress and our growing knowledge on the environment. It allows us to discover more about space, the ocean floor, and many places inaccessible to humans (or dangerous). The MDA (Canadian aerospace technology company) and NASA (federal agency responsible for most of the US civil space program) are working daily to put in place powerful technologies to discover new planets and analyze our space environment.

At work 👩🏼‍💻

For repetitive and complex tasks, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world of work. Unlike humans, it can work constantly, without respite, day and night. This has considerably optimized the organization of many companies.

In medicine 👨🏼‍⚕️

The field of AI research is expanding rapidly. Its applications, which concern all human activities, make it possible to improve the quality of care. This is indeed at the heart of the doctor of the future with assisted operations (computer-assisted surgery…), remote patient monitoring, intelligent prostheses or even personalized treatments thanks to the gathering of data. Today, doctors can be assisted by a set of computer tools. This allows them to apprehend, prepare the intervention and optimize it in the best possible conditions. The AI will then plan all this by making predictions on the course of the intervention in order to be as precise and less invasive as possible.

In digital assistance 📲

Digital assistance is well known and mastered by most of us. It is a voice interface between the user and his phone. It is available on our smartphones, especially with Siri. You can then ask the questions of your choice and the assistance will answer you using the analysis of its data. Other services are also offered such as the calendar, geolocation, media news or the control of connected objects (home automation).

Google Home is another example of digital assistance, it is a connected and intelligent speaker. It allows you to access information in real time or to be redirected to multimedia content. You just have to call it and ask it what you need (go on Netflix, get a news item, ask for the news, launch a music, etc.).

This speaker is the first French smart and connected speaker, but others of the same type exist, such as Alexa from Amazon.

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of our society’s progress. It allows us to optimize our time and our work, and this is only the beginning !

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