How to optimize the SEO of your site

Search Engine Optimization also called Natural Referencing in French refers to all the techniques implemented to improve the position of a website on the results pages of search engines. This process is an essential element to acquire visibility and a good marketing strategy. 

Once mastered, SEO allows you to be known effectively, to gain the trust of partners, customers and prospects as well as to create reliable professional links. It is a technique that requires patience and constant work, we will then give you all the keys so that you can achieve your goal !

I/ Stay consistent with your product

When creating content for your website, you should always keep in mind your primary objective and the basis of your business. Spreading yourself too thin is never good for SEO. 

For example, if you specialize in selling sneakers, you can post content about the different materials such as leather, suede, fabric etc., as well as how to care for your pair of sneakers. However, if you start talking about sweaters and think that it’s all about clothing, you’re wrong. 

Always ask yourself what your customer is going to want to find on your site. You need to know your consumers and their needs well and create content to meet them as accurately as possible.

To that extent, every new blog article, post, or page on your website should be consistent with your products and services.

II/ Provide quality content

More than 80% of consumers get information online before they buy. Therefore, the content you offer is worth its weight in gold. Everything must be thoughtful and each new content must add value to your website

To do this, you need to show that you are an expert in your field, that you can easily advise your customers and direct them to what they are looking for without any problems. 

The quality of your content is also evaluated according to the duration of the internet user on your page. You need to be precise enough to provide the maximum number of answers to the consumer so that he will be interested in your offer and stay on your site to learn more. Indeed, if the user leaves your page after only a few seconds, Google will demote your place on the search engines.

Finally, proposing a quality content does not mean writing whole blocks, you must be clear, readable and concise. It is advisable to do more than 700 words but quality always prevails over quantity. 

III/ Choose the right keywords

This step is essential! The keywords you choose will determine the quality of your SEO. 

To begin, you must list the needs you meet as well as the potential requests sought by your customers on the net. To do this, you need to have in mind the semantic vocabulary of your environment and extend it as much as possible. 

The questions you can ask yourself to select a good keyword base: 

  • What is my client looking for?
  • What vocabulary will he use?
  • What question can he ask?
  • What service can I provide?

If you are in the process of developing your business, it is wiser to choose “long tail” keywords. The long tail refers to searches and expressions of 5 words on average. These queries are certainly longer but more precise and therefore with less competition. 

Google will then be able to reference you more quickly and it will be easier for you to position yourself on the market.

Then, once you have done some initial personal reflection, you can refine your research using certain specialized tools. There are free and paid tools. You have for example Google Ads, WriterZen, UberSuggest or Keyword Tool. 

These tools allow you : 

  • To know the ranking of the keywords you are targeting
  • To find the keywords of a page of your choice (you just have to copy and paste the URL of the page you are interested in and the tool will extract the keywords)
  • Know the average volume of monthly searches for a keyword
  • To know the level of competition present on a keyword

All this information is therefore valuable to establish your SEO strategy !

IV/ Propose an attractive content with video and images

After choosing your keywords, you need to start writing content. We talked about “quality” content previously, and the addition of video and images is essential in this regard! 

Indeed, a text that is too long without illustration can become boring for your users, so you must think of illustrating your words by inserting some images, infographics, tutorials, gifs or videos. Choosing these images well will also allow the Internet user to better retain the information because most people have a visual memory. 

For you to understand the issue, imagine if a travel agency writes a blog post about “the 10 best places to travel this summer” but does not include any pictures, it is unlikely that its article will get a good SEO because it will not meet the need of a user looking for escape.

V/ Optimize your metadata

Very important! Whatever you do, fill in your meta descriptions! 

For blogs

The meta description tag is the description below the URL that is displayed in the search results pages. A catchy meta description tag written with the right keywords can greatly boost your SEO. This has a direct impact on your CTR (click through rate) which is not negligible. 

For images and videos

When you add an image or a video, it’s the same principle, don’t forget the metadata! Titles and descriptions are valid for classic searches but also for video searches.

When you fill in this data, please indicate : 

  • Keywords consistent with the content of your video
  • 55 characters maximum for titles
  • 155 characters maximum for descriptions
  • Make the Internet users want to click!

For the images, same principle, be brief and concise, indicate what this illustration corresponds to by using as much as possible the keywords. 

As you can see, adding the maximum amount of text with the right keywords is essential in the SEO strategy process. Therefore, transcribing your videos or podcasts if you have them can be very beneficial for your business and your visibility. 

At Noota, we offer to transcribe your audio recordings and subtitle your videos for a record price! Our software converts your files into text in 24 hours maximum depending on the size of your file !

Feel free to test for free from our online platform

 VI/ Work on your netlinking

The netlinkling also called link building is a crucial point of the SEO strategy. Today the competition is present in all sectors and differentiating yourself is becoming more and more complicated. A rich and quality content is no longer enough, it is necessary to have a good mesh as well. Netlinking is now the most powerful lever of natural referencing. The objective of this process is to obtain quality inbound links that refer to your website. 

To do this, you must gain the trust of Internet users and acquire a positive and credible brand image. Netlinking can be created by yourself by inserting internal links from one article to another in your blog for example. But it has a real impact when it’s another high authority site that talks about you! In this case, your site gains credibility and also deserves to gain authority.

 VII/ Be present on social networks

Never underestimate them! Social networks are a real SEO tool that allows companies to gain visibility. 

Use them in various ways and explore their multiple features! You can create a real community according to the format that suits you best (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or TikTok…)

In addition, as soon as you have news, an important news or other, relay it on your accounts! 

Example, you make podcasts and you don’t know how to develop your notoriety? Transcribe them, it will increase their accessibility, then share them on Instagram or your social networks !

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