How to transcribe audio to text with Noota ?

After reading this article you will know every thing to convert your audio or video file to text but not only. We will also tell you all the best tips and trick to make a good recording of your meeting, your interview and any conversation you might have in order to get the most accurate automatic transcription.

After reading this article you will know every thing to transcribe audio to text and convert any file to text. We will also tell you all the best tips and trick to make a good recording of your meeting, your interview and any conversation you might have in order to get the most accurate automatic transcription.

Ready ? Let’s go !

I - Record your meeting, interview or conversation 💬

Transcription can be useful for many different type of conversation. Here we will tell you what is the best way to record them.

Record with your own microphone

Microphone from the computer

If you are in a meeting Zoom, Teams, Meets… you might want to use the recording feature of the online meeting platform itself.
Why ?
The quality of the sound recorded is one of the best you can get for online meeting.
Speakers are often split, and it makes the transcription better for speaker recognition.
The problem is that, if you are not directly the owner of the meeting it might be impossible for you to start the recording.

Use the noota live dictation tool

I personnally love the live dictation tool from Noota; because as soon as you finished your meeting the entire transcription is ready to be used and exploited.
Plus ? You just have to press the start button, select the language spoken in the transcript
and then you can go on another tab and do your online meeting or just speak in live !

Use a dictaphone or professional microphone

In some case (media installation like journalist, market research individual interview…) you might use professional microphone to record a discussion or an interview. It might also be the case with some professional that use dictaphone to directly record what they dictate (doctors and legal professionals).

Make sure the microphone is equal distance to all different speakers. Ask the speakers to talk loud enough so the microphone will clearly detect their voice. Record in lossless audio format such as WAV, FLAC.  Also, if you film with a camera, make sure to get the angle right and run some test before starting. 

Record with a mobile phone

Yes, i know, you would love to use your phone to record everything. It is so convenient, so easy, always close to you, right in your pocket.

  • The voice recorder mode of your phone.

Each and every phone has now a integrated app that allow you to record any audio stream. Usually called “recorder” or “voice recorder”, you just need to open it and start the recording. Make sure the phone is placed equal distance to every speaker. If only one speaker, turn the microphone side into its direction.

  • Record a phone call with ARC Recorder → Cube ACR 
acr cube

Recording a phone call has become alsmost impossible. Just so you know, if you have an Iphone, you might not find any solution. Most of the solutions will only record you voice and you’ll not even hear the other person speaking. In any case i suggest you to try ACRRecorder, it seems to be the most complete mobile app to record phone calls. Once recorded you have access to the .acr file that you can directly transcribe with Noota.

  • Use NootApp, the Noota transcription application

You didn’t know ?

Noota’s brand new mobile phone application is available and let you have the power of transcription right into your pocket !

You can see how to download and use our mobile app (available on Android and soon on IOS)

Once downloaded, you just have to

  • open it Connect to your account
  • Click on the live dictation
  • Select the language and go !

Now you just have to speak and display the phone in the right configuration to make sure everyone is heard.

Record with our chrome extension

live interview accurate

Tired of using 10 different platform to get things done ? That’s what we thought at Noota, so we decided we had to create a ScreenRecorder that could record everything and transcribe it right away.

But that’s not all, you can also tag live, add screenshots and notes !


  • What is NootEx ? Screen Recorder 
  • Where can you download NootEx Screen Recorder on Chrome extension Store
  • How do you install and use it? → In an online meeting, first open the meeting in a Google Chrome tab. Once the meeting has started, simply click on the extension. Select the language and then the microphone.
  • What features does the NootEx offer?→highlighting key elements, adding screenshots…
  • How to finish the recording with the NootEx? → click stop, the file recording will be automatically uploaded and transferred to your Noota account!

II - Convert your file to text 📝

Once your recording is up and ready, now you “just need to transcribe it”… Easier to say. Indeed i wish you never have to transcribe manually any file. At the beginning of Noota I had to… and it was a real nightmare. So never again for me thanks !

With Noota, several solutions and alternatives are available to you.


Transcription solutions

Whether you used the Noota mobile app, our ScreenRecorder, or recording from the platform, you will be automatically redirected to the transcription page.
  • You have a file and you want to transcribe it?

    The first step is to go to your dashboard. Click on the “transcribe a file” button and drag
    and drop the file of your choice. The tool will then ask you to specify the language spoken and the number of participants. 

  • You have a video on the internet and you want to transcribe it ?

    Let say you want to convert a YouTube video into text. Here is how you can transcribe your YouTube video to text with Noota :

  • copy the URL of the video
  • go to the Noota dashboard 
  • click on the “+” to see more options 
  • select the YouTube icon and paste your URL to start the transcription

Tips & Tricks about transcription

Generally, the transcription takes half the length of the file to complete. Noota accepts almost all file formats, if yours is not accepted, please let us know so we can resolve the issue. 

From the platform, you can run multiple files at once. Make sure they are in the same language and with the same number of speakers to avoid confusion with the AI.

To optimize the transcription result, make sure that :

  • Every speaker is well understandable
  • Microphone is close to the speakers
  • People speak loud and clear
  • To limit ambient noise

III – Modify, Search & Tag 📌  

If the file is a video you will have the option to choose the subtitle mode.


Correction and editing with Noota

Once the transcription mode is open, you can edit your text as you wish! 

Create a new paragraph

Just click on the first word of the sentence you want to line up and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. This sentence will automatically be placed below, with a new paragraph created! 

Add new speaker

Your audio is long and you want to name your speakers or add some? Nothing could be easier, click on “Speaker 1, 2 or 3…” and give him a name. 

Validate a paragraph

When you have finished editing a part of the file, don’t hesitate to validate the paragraph in order to get a clear overview and find your way around. 

Save your transcripts

Your transcription and the modification you do are automatically saved every 30 seconds.
But if you want to manually save your modification, you can just manually click on the save button in the top-right corner.

Find your key elements

Search is very important when you convert an audio to text. 
It helps find back relevant moment within en entire conversation. That’s why you can easily search and scroll very easily to specific moment and words. You can also filter per speaker.
It is also possible to search and replace in the entire transcript if you notice a word is not spelled correctly.

Tag & Highlight

In hour long interviews or meeting, everything is not always relevant. That’s why it’s important being able to select and categorize these important elements and make them easily accessible. With Noota you can:

  • Highlight important moment
  • Create tag families helps organize your tags into different categories
  • Create new tags with specific colors

Once your file is ready, you will want to use it and eventually export it.

IV – Export your text file in your favorite formats 📤

Once your modifications are complete, you can choose to export only your tags, or your
entire text file:  

  • in Word
  • in PDF format
  • in Subtitle format: in VTT or SRT

I hope this tuto was helpful for you. If you want more, you can watch more detailed video on our Youtube Playlist. Don’t forget to try out our platform if you have a file you would like to transcribe ! 

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