HappyScribe vs Noota

Why you should use Noota to transcribe you file over HappyScribe

Reason why Noota is better than HappyScribe

Pay as you go

With Trint you can only pay through subscription, but a lot of transcriptions are punctual needs. That’s why at Noota you make everyone happy : you can choose our monthly plans or, for punctual need, choose our pay-as-you go solution.

Noota is more affordable than HappyScribe

HappyScribe pricing starts at 12$ per hour while with Noota, you can transcribe from 1,2$ per hour.
Yes you read it right.
Now everybody can transcribe on a tight budget.
Because we know that students have an even tighter budget, Noota give them a 50% discount on our Solo plans. 

Accurate in 70 languages

Because accuracy is the most important part in transcription, we combined several AI technologies with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to give you one of the most accurate transcription machine available. You should try it with our 30 free minutes.
Plus, our speech-to-text learn every day and improve itself.

Make it live !

With Noota you not only transcribe, but assist you during your meeting so you can have your transcription ready right after it !
Real time transcription bring your meeting or interview to the next level : tag key moment by pushing highlight button, take screenshots and much more.

How it works

Import your file

Upload your Audio or Video file. Select your speaker and the language you want your transcription in.

Personalize Your Text

Check your transcription and customize it to your liking. Create tags, define topics, and add labels.

Download, Export, and Share

Export your file into any format: Word, PDF, HTML, SRT, VVT, etc.

Let Noota transcribe your files