Otter vs Noota

Why you should use Noota to transcribe you file over Otter

Reason why Noota is better than Otter

Otter works only in English

Use our speech-to-text machine to transcribe in more than 70 languages and accents.
Because accuracy is the most important part in transcription, we combined several AI technologies with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to give you one of the most accurate transcription machine available. You should try it with our 30 free minutes.
Plus, our speech-to-text learn every day and improve itself.

First class editor

When you transcribe a file on Noota you have immediately access to our editor where you can modify each word. But most important, each word is synced with the audio, so you are never lost while editing. Use keyboard shortcut to plys/pause, jump -5 second or + 5 second in the text. 
With Noota’s editor you can do whatever you like with ease and save a lot of time on your transcriptions.

Use our screen recorder for all your meetings

Noota worked hard to create a screen recorder that help every Nooters to record online meeting from Zoom, Teams, Meets for instance. While recording, you can tag key moments by clicking on a button and add a screenshot to your transcript.
In the meantime, Otter is now part of Zoom, so it will generate English transcription for Zoom only.

How it works

Import your file

Upload your Audio or Video file. Select your speaker and the language you want your transcription in.

Personalize Your Text

Check your transcription and customize it to your liking. Create tags, define topics, and add labels.

Download, Export, and Share

Export your file into any format: Word, PDF, HTML, SRT, VVT, etc.

Let Noota transcribe your files