Security and privacy

We enable hundreds of companies to better understand their customers. Keeping your data private, secure and compliant is essential to this.

A platform in compliance with the GDPR

All services are hosted on servers in the European Union in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the ISO 27001 standard.

Get exclusive access to your data

Before being stored, all files go through an AES-256 encryption protocol making them accessible and readable only to the corresponding user. The Service Provider will have access to the Customer’s transcription data only in the event of a technical support request and only if the Customer provides the corresponding URL. All data in transit is also protected by an HTTPS certified encryption protocol.

Manage your data the way you want

All files and the data they contain are deleted within 24 hours when the user clicks on the appropriate button (“delete” button) next to the corresponding file in the user interface.

Access to optimal security

Our hosting provider ensures optimal security with an infrastructure based on progressive layers that provide true defense in depth.

For more information on security protocols, you can visit the following link:

The security of your data, a priority for us

Noota makes every effort to ensure continuous monitoring of the security of the application and website, by analyzing all logs and anomalies detected and correcting them when necessary.

The development of the Solutions is conducted in compliance with the following “best practices”:

  • Employees responsible for hardware production and platform management are regularly trained in security best practices.
  • The hardware is regularly reviewed to identify any potential security vulnerabilities
  • The microservices used are regularly updated to avoid any vulnerability of the hardware
  • A dedicated test environment is used for development and for any hardware modifications