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Our A.I. categorizes all your data and generates relevant tags making it easier for you to pin down your preferences

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Our customers are delighted with Noota : an easy-to-use best transcription tool helping tens of hundreds of customers automatically collect feedback from customer surveys and interviews so they can focus on providing a better user experience.

Thibaut P
Thibaut P
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What I like most is that there are almost no errors in the transcription, which is quite rare in this kind of application, because people's pronunciation can vary a lot. In addition, there is a very important option that saves a lot of time, which is the removal of verbal diffluencies.
Baptiste Leg
Very accurate
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Discovered Noota for a qualitative study. The platform has been really convincing.
Mélodie Loubier
Mélodie Loubier
Saved my life !
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Noota saved my life when i had to transcribe a lot of interview for my final thesis 😌
Us K.
Us K.
The best tool
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Noota help me save a lot of time everyday when i transcribe my meetings 👌
Eva M
Eva M
No better tool
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This is the software that will allow you to transcribe all your interviews quickly and efficiently. After having tested several sites, there is no better than Noota! I validate and recommend it!
Alice Labrune
Alice Labrune
Great tool - life savier
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A great tool when you have interviews to transcribe for a thesis...

Explore "Analyzer" features

Automatically transcribe and analyze your documents with Noota’s Analyzer tool that transcribes your meetings, customer feedback, and interviews. It conveniently arranges them with auto-tagging to help you focus on your users, not the paperwork.

Simplified Data Analysis

Save yourself from hours of note taking and analyzing data by automating data collection with our tool and arranging it under topics and sub-topics.

Topic auto tag

Tag your data with intuitive topics and sub-topics automatically detected by our tool to easily sort valuable insights and identify important points. Boost your productivity by clicking through tags and finding valuable insights related to your user's needs.

Better Understand Your Users

What you say is important, but how you say it is crucial. Our A.I. will detect your customer's tones and identify positive and negative expressions to help you better understand a user's emotions and empathize with their needs.

Seamless Sharing

Conveniently export your transcribed files into documents, graphs, and spreadsheets to share with your team members and allow them to take advantage of auto-tagging and filter out the data that's relevant to them.

Highlight Important Info

Noota's Analyzer tool will highlight all the important keywords frequently repeated in your transcript. You can click a keyword to find the exact moment it occurred during your interviews and meetings and categorize them into a topic of their own.

Highly Accurate

Our tool uses natural language processing to better understand human speech. This removes the need to proofread your transcriptions as our analyzer automatically removes verbal errors and imperfections, saving you more time.

Why you should analyze user feedback ?

Tap Into Valuable Customer Insights

Analyzing customer data can be overwhelming when you constantly juggle taking notes and conducting meetings or interviews. This can lead you to miss out on some important points or mishear your customers.

Properly jotting down your customer’s pain points is vital for your success. With Noota’s Analyzer tool, all you have to do is record your meetings and upload your file in our tech-powered tool. Artificial Intelligence will generate an accurate transcript and arrange all your data with auto-tagging so you know where everything is. 

This will lead you to a smarter way of analyzing your documents and maximizing your team’s efficiency and productivity. 
Easily navigate to the highlights of your interview by clicking on the generated topics and sub-topics to identify important keywords for your UX research. 

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Save 73% Time and 50% Money on Resources

Our tool has helped hundreds of customers save thousands of dollars in time and resources. Now, you don’t need extra person for taking notes during your interview and can fully focus on your customers asking the right questions. 

With structured data and keywords grouping, you can save significant time on your UX research analysis. You won’t have to hire anyone or go through heaps of collected data yourself and can easily find all your valuable data under specific topics extracted from your transcript.

Better Collaboration

By using our intuitive tool to collect customer insights, it’s also easier to collaborate with your team and ensure everyone’s on the right track. Since Noota’s Analyzer will categorize and arrange all info in its field, you can forward the most relevant UX details to different departments. 

Your product team can focus on the “product” tag, and your support team can focus on the “support” tag. This males delegating tasks easier and allows you to get more done now that your team isn’t searching around piles of data to find customer insights specific to them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Noota’s Analyzer tool allows you full control over your research data. We will highlight important keywords and possible topics for you to easily add to your transcription. However, it is up to you if you want to use suggestions or add some of your own. 

We offer a free 7 day trial for our Analyzer tool, which gives you all features, no credit card required. All you have to do is sign up and start uploading your files. 

Collecting and researching qualitative data can help you understand your audiences better. Qualitative research gives you valuable insights into your customer’s pain points, needs, and interests. This analyzer software will allow you to serve your users with a better experience and improve your products or services. 

With Noota’s Analyzer tool, you can automatically convert audio and video to text files in seconds and arrange the data into groups. Our tool makes it easy to carry out qualitative customer research and scan through important information quickly and efficiently. This will save you time and resources on collecting, analyzing, and sharing data from your customer base.