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How it works

Import your video

Click on "transcribe a recording". Select the number of speakers, the language and the domain and confirm. The subtitles will be ready in a few minutes.

Selection de sous-titre

Adjust your subtitles

Want a specific color, size or font? Style and modify the rendering of the subtitles directly from the platform!

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Export your MP4 file

Satisfied? All you have to do is download the result!

Welcome to the community

Our customers like the simplicity of our transcription tools. We remain fully available to help you implement analysis tools custom made for your application.

Thibaut P
Thibaut P
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What I like most is that there are almost no errors in the transcription, which is quite rare in this kind of application, because people's pronunciation can vary a lot. In addition, there is a very important option that saves a lot of time, which is the removal of verbal diffluencies.
Baptiste Leg
Very accurate
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Discovered Noota for a qualitative study. The platform has been really convincing.
Mélodie Loubier
Mélodie Loubier
Saved my life !
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Noota saved my life when i had to transcribe a lot of interview for my final thesis 😌
Us K.
Us K.
The best tool
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Noota help me save a lot of time everyday when i transcribe my meetings 👌
Eva M
Eva M
No better tool
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This is the software that will allow you to transcribe all your interviews quickly and efficiently. After having tested several sites, there is no better than Noota! I validate and recommend it!
Alice Labrune
Alice Labrune
Great tool - life savier
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A great tool when you have interviews to transcribe for a thesis...

What you can do with our subtitle generator

Not only generate subtitles, but make them custom.

Benefit from optimal
and automated subtitling

Our subtitling tool is trained on nearly 100,000 hours of transcribed data. A more specific categorization by subject and industry allows for a unique quality. Allow 25% to 50% of your file time for subtitle generation.

A subtitle editor designed for you

In the Noota editor, each word is linked to the video. You can edit the text, select each subtitle independently while viewing the rendering in real time on your video. Use the keyboard shortcuts for even more efficient editing!

Customize your subtitles

Style, modify, personalize as you want! For example, you can easily change the font color, background color, style and much more.

Tag important moments

Because one hour of video can be long and relatively undigestible to watch. You have the possibility to tag and select the important moments! Export only what you need.

Why subtitle a video?

Increase the reach of your messages

On social networks, 80% of videos are viewed without sound. On the other hand, there are 6 million deaf and hard of hearing people in France. In this case, what happens to your message? Subtitling becomes essential for your communication! It also allows you to internationalize your videos because, once the titling is done in the initial language, it is easy to translate. It is a simple and effective solution to allow everyone to enjoy your content!

Make your videos accessible

Search engines work with words. By generating subtitles for your videos, you allow people to find your content when they search. Export to VTT or SRT and add the file to your video, or export your video directly to MP4 format. A clear improvement in visibility for organic search algorithms!

Start using Noota today and save time on your subtitles

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