How much time should be spent on transcription?

Do you want to transcribe audio or video files into text but don’t know how much time you will need to devote to this task? In this article, we will present you with the factors that will help you to better evaluate the time you will have to devote to transcription.

Of course, some transcriptions are more complex than others and for the same amount of time you will not always be able to transcribe as quickly. As an indication, a one-hour recording will take you several hours: between 5 and 6 hours will be needed to complete your transcription!

The recording medium and its quality

Depending on the medium used to make the recording, you will have more or less difficulty in making your transcription.

Indeed, if the recording was made via a mobile phone or a computer, it is possible that your listening will be more interfered with than if it was made with a microphone, for example.

The equipment used for the recording therefore plays a considerable role in the recording process, as it can save you time when transcribing. A smooth and clear recording will be more audible and easier to transcribe. The right equipment will help you to keep noise to a minimum, and make sure that no background noise interferes with the recording.

The type of recording and the number of participants

Depending on the type of recording you have to transcribe, you may also notice a difference in the time spent transcribing.

Indeed, you may find it more difficult to transcribe a meeting with several participants: the exchanges will certainly be richer and the alternation of speaking between the participants can be a real headache. Make sure you have all the names of the participants so that you can find your way around the recording.

Conversely, a monologue or dialogue will be easier to transcribe, especially if it is an interview for example.

Save time with automatic transcription!

With Noota, you can benefit from a fast and optimal transcription of your audio recordings.

To transcribe your recording, all you have to do is import it into our platform and tell us the number of speakers during the recording. You then just have to wait a few minutes before you can enjoy your transcript!

Afterwards, you will be able to make changes to your transcript. You will then be able to send your transcript to your colleagues and save it in the format of your choice!

Our teams are at your disposal if you need help and advice to start transcribing with our transcribing platform!

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