Retranscription audio

Our transcription tool is suitable for all medical professions.

  • Healthcare workers spend half their time on administrative tasks, including transcribing their patient appointments.

  • What if you could focus 100% on your patients without having to take notes?

  • That's what Noota offers.

  • With our voice dictation and speech recognition solution, you can be sure to enrich your patients' records, while securing the data you enter.

Transcrire vos consultations
Noota phone screen
Noota phone recording

How does it work?

  • It's very simple.

  • Log in to your Noota account.

  • Start recording at the beginning of the consultation.

  • Stop at the end of the appointment.

  • The transcript will be ready in minutes and ready to share with your medical secretary.

  • Edit an automatic medical report.

Transcription for teachers

Save 90 minutes a day when you're a doctor.

With Noota, capitalize on your courses.


  • How much time have you ever spent writing down and repeating what is said during your visits? There are several good reasons to integrate this voice recognition into the patient record. First, it would save no less than 90 minutes of work per day for doctors in France!

  • Our goal: to allow doctors to spend more time with their patients and less time in front of their computers.

Transform your consultation
Extension Chrome

Chrome Extension Noota

  • Our brand new Noota extension allows you to record your screens, chrome tab.

  • Your online medical consultations can now be recorded and transcribed directly to Noota.
Add Noota for Chrome

Extension Chrome

Noota for all medical professions

  • We have developed a digital dictation that fits your profession, regardless of your specialty.

  • Surgeons, expert physicians, general practitioners, hospital practitioners or even specialists, Noota adapts to your dictations, your operative reports, your medical reports or even your expertises to provide you with all the comfort and simplicity you need during your transcriptions.

  • General practitioners, we facilitate exchanges with your medical secretaries and the production of your medical documents: together, you can now save time and devote it to other necessities.

  • Your medical visits are now directly converted into reports.

Extension Chrome

No more dictating your commas, here comes automatic punctuation!

  • With traditional voice recognition software, a doctor has to say each punctuation, paragraph he wants to add. This is not an easy exercise.

  • With Noota, those days are over, no longer necessary for a doctor to say out loud that a comma must be inserted!

Noota security GDPR

Privacy and Security

  • At Noota, we do not sell your data. Only you own it and have access to it. If you delete them, they disappear permanently, with no nasty surprises!

  • In addition, our servers in the European Union comply with RGPD and ISO 27100.

  • Your files are encrypted and protected as soon as they are dropped on the platform with SHA-256 processes.