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Automatic transcription for everyone!

  • With Noota, discover the automatic transcription of your audios and videos. We carry out an accurate transcription while respecting the protection of your files and your voice dictations.
  • In a few minutes, your video and audio recordings are converted into text and in the language of your choice: French, English and Spanish (while respecting their respective accents).
  • Whether it's an interview or a meeting on the phone or in person, bring your conversations to life and save precious time during your workday! Our clean verbatim transcripts write your exchanges without interjections or filler words (mhhm etc.) to give you optimal readability.

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Why choose Noota?

At Noota, we do everything we can to make sure your automatic transcription is optimal:

Automatic punctuation

Forget traditional voice dictation, just speak and Noota will write with questions marks, commas and periods.

Accuracy and WER < 10%

The latest artificial intelligence technologies for transcription. *WER = Word Error Rate

An intuitive text editor

Add to your transcription while listening to your audio and viewing your video.

Confidential and secure

Your data is accessible only by you and is encrypted from end to end.

Affordable rates

Subscription solutions for every budget, and even a free solution.

Record from your phone and screens

Access Noota from your phone and record your conversations directly from the app.

An intuitive editor

Your audio and video data directly linked to each word. Edit, add and delete the text you want in real time.

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Export format for your transcripts

Import the video or audio file you want, we transcribe it into text for you. Then, export your transcriptions in the format of your choice!

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Noota phone screen
Noota phone recording

Transcribe from your phone


  • Log in to your Noota account from your phone and upload any audio recorded on your phone

  • You can then start the transcription automatically.

  • You can edit your tanscription and export to your favorite formats.

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Noota security GDPR

Privacy and Security


  • At Noota, we do not sell your data. You’re their exclusive owner and the only one who can have access to them. If deleted, it disappears permanently, with no nasty surprises!

  • In addition, our servers in the European Union comply with RGPD and ISO 27100.

  • Your files are encrypted and protected as soon as they are dropped on the platform with SHA-256 processes.