Transcription for Market Research

Streamline your market research by transcribing your interviews, focus groups, and phone calls to identify your audience’s pain points easily.

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Why do you need a Market Research Transcription Software?

It’s hard to keep track of all the different data points from your market research, and it’s even more challenging to make sense of them when you have to write up a report. That’s especially true if you’re already working long hours.

NOOTA is the solution. With our market research transcription software, you can easily upload your audio or video files and get a written transcript in minutes. Plus, our software automatically analyzes your data so you can see important trends quickly and easily.

| Simplified Note Taking

Are you constantly pausing or telling your customers to slow down when talking so you can note down what they’re saying? Interviewing your customers and taking notes simultaneously can be daunting, and you can’t expect to note down all key takeaways when you’re multitasking.

Having Noota’s market research transcription by your side will help you record your sessions and convert them into text. It is far easier than taking notes and will enable you to focus on your customer. Once done, you can review the transcription, find critical points, and highlight interesting conversations.

| Discover Your Audience’s Pain Points

Let’s face it, we don’t have perfect memory, and although that may not be an issue all the time, it can be crucial in your market research. Your customers primarily determine your business’s success, and not knowing or mishearing their problems can be an easy path to failure. With Noota, you won’t have to worry about missing any key points in discussions and can identify your audience’s pain points instantly. You can return to your recordings, pinpoint the timestamp where your customers mention any critical point, and highlight it by converting your audio into text.

| Effectively Collaborate With Departments

Effective collaboration is key in making the most out of your marketing efforts. Noota market research transcription helps you collect valuable data and makes it accessible to your entire team. With smart tagging, keyword identification, and AI-generated topics, you can smartly label your documents before sharing them so other departments can look for information relevant to them.

| Improved Productivity

Going back to recordings and listening to them over and over again can be tedious. Noota’s Market Research Transcription improves your productivity, instantly converting your audio files into text, generates relevant sub-topics, and allows seamless sharing between other team members.

productivity benefits with transcription
avoid human error

| Reduce Inefficiencies and Human Errors

Manual note-taking leaves room for error. When you’re interviewing multiple people, it might be difficult to catch what all of them are saying. Using a Market Research Transcription service for your interviews can reduce human errors and accurately pick up multiple conversations.

Noota’s AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand human speech and tone. It allows it to transcribe your audio accurately and help you understand your customers’ emotions.

| Keep a Record of Your Research

Simplify your market research reporting by having a well-maintained record of your data. Noota’s market research transcription will help you conveniently convert all your audio files into your desired format. You can then store these transcriptions on your Google Drive or any cloud account.

In contrast, paper notes may be lost or not accessible by all team members. To keep all your market research organized, you must have a record of all your data – and Noota aids you in accomplishing that.

Why Choose Noota’s Market Research Transcription Services?

We understand the fast-paced marketing world. Market research is becoming important to survive as thousands of businesses open up around the world every day. Our services have been created to meet your needs. We are trusted by over 1000s of people as the best transcription service for their market research.

Fast Turnaround Times

If you search for market research transcription services, you’ll find numerous businesses offering transcription. Although many may be accurate and produce good results, they can take a few days to get back to you.

With Noota, you can enjoy swift turnarounds with the conversion of your audio files within minutes. Just drag your audio file and drop it, and let our tool do the rest. After a few minutes, your file would be converted into a transcribed word document of your choice.

Save Time and Money

If you plan on doing effective market research, you’ll see many potential customers for your product. Arranging marketing experts to collect data is already expensive, but hiring someone to transcribe your audio can rack up the costs and suck a lot of time.

Noota’s affordable rates and intelligent AI solves both these problems. With our market research transcription, you can save time over traditional note-taking and save costs by opting for our affordable subscriptions.

Record Every Detail

When using transcription software, most people fear that it would leave out important details. But, our tool has been designed to record every single detail and even catch on to multiple conversations happening at the same time.

It enables you to focus solely on your interview and focus on what actually matters – your customers.

Find the Right Market Research Transcription Service for Your Business

Market research is a vital practice for any business – big, small, or individual. Therefore, we cater to every audience and provide various market research transcription services:

  • Phone interviews Transcription services
  • Focus Group Transcription services
  • Interview Transcription services.

We also have a range of different pricing plans for you to opt for, depending on the size of your organization.

Translated into Over 70 Different Languages

If you are launching a product overseas or want to target a new market, you’ll need to adapt. Fortunately, our market research transcription offers translation into 70 languages, precisely understanding the dialect, tone, and accent of your diverse customer base.

How it works

Import your file

Upload your audio or video file. Choose the desired speaker and transcription language.

Personalize Your Text

Check out your transcription and customize it to suit you. Tag relevant parts, add labels for easier navigation, and make changes on the spot if needed!

Download, Export, and Share

Export your file into many different formats: Word, PDF, HTML, SRT, VVT, etc.

Simplify your market research with Noota’s Market Research Transcription Services

Frequently asked questions

We get asked many questions about our Market Research Transcription Software, so we’ve compiled this list to help you out. Here are the most common ones:

Market research transcription software is a type of speech-to-text software specifically designed for transcribing market research interviews. It includes features such as automatic speaker identification and punctuation that make it easier to produce accurate transcripts.

The cost of market research transcription software can vary depending on the features and functionality you need. 

No, NOOTA market research transcription software is designed to be easy to use, even if you don’t have any experience with transcribing. However, it’s always a good idea to read the instructions carefully before getting started. If you’ve any queries, please reach out to customer support.

There are several benefits of using market research transcription software such as handling more projects, don’t lost any information and producing accurate transcripts quickly.

If you opt for Noota’s basic pricing plan, you can convert audio/video files for up to 5 hours every month. Our Pro plan allows for 25h per month, and our ultimate package, Enterprise membership offers unlimited transcriptions. You’ll get 30 minutes FREE on your first purchase, no matter which pricing model you choose.

Our software accepts all the standard video and audio file types.


  • MP3
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • OGG
  • AAC
  • M4A
  • WMA
  • AMR


  • MP4
  • M4A
  • AVI
  • MOV.

If you have issues or your file isn’t compatible with the software, contact us, and we’ll find the solution for you.

Yes, you can add subtitles. Just upload your mp4 file in the transcription software, choose the color, size, and font and let Noota do its magic. Your video will be ready, fully equipped with auto-generated subtitles in seconds.

Are you up for scaling your business through accurate Market Research Transcription?