Retranscription audio

You are... Researcher, sociologist or doctorate

With Noota your research interviews come alive.

  • Whether you need to transcribe research, interviews or even opinion polls and qualitative surveys, Noota saves you time with automatic transcription of your audio or video recordings.

  • We make it easy for you to write reports and scientific analysis: in one click, your experiments are ready to be published in specialized journals!

  • Writing your dissertations and theses has never been easier.

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Transcription for students

You are... Student

With Noota, your classes come to life.

  • With Noota, make your course note-taking easier.

  • Taking notes from your classes has never been easier. We're with you to make every class an opportunity to succeed. With Noota, you won't miss any more information and can study with more peace of mind.

  • Converting a video course to text will only take you a few minutes, and effortlessly! From our Chrome extension, one click is all it takes to directly record your lectures and convert videos to text.

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Transcription for teachers

You are... Teachers or Trainers

With Noota, capitalize on your courses.

  • Enrich your teaching by subtitling your video lessons.

  • With Noota, enhance the content of your video lessons! Make it easier for your students to learn and capitalize on the lessons you've already made by adding subtitles to your videos.

  • You'll be able to encourage your students to learn by adding subtitles to your videos.
  • This way you encourage your students to focus more during your lectures and give them extra help with note taking.

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Extension Chrome

Chrome Extension Noota

  • Our brand new Noota extension allows you to record your screens, chrome tab.

  • Your online medical consultations can now be recorded and transcribed directly to Noota.
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An intuitive editor

Your audio and video data directly linked to each word. Modify, add and delete the text you want in real time.

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Noota security

Your recordings are protected!

  • The information exchanged with your contacts is and must remain confidential. With Noota, your data is locked: we do not access it!

  • Your data is encrypted and anonymized, if you delete it then it disappears from our servers without any bad surprises.
  • In addition, our servers in the European Union comply with RGPD and ISO 27100.

  • Your files are encrypted and protected as soon as they are deposited on the platform with SHA-256 processes.