Voice intelligence to unlock sales superpower

Voice intelligence to
unlock sales superpower

sentiment analysis
budget topic tracker
Buying process topic tracker
Guideline auto follow

Skyrocket your revenue

Grow your income by gaining clarity.

Noota turns you client interactions into a ressource of business intelligence.

skyrocket sales revenue
onboarding make easy

Make onboarding easy

Optimise the process and gain clarity with in-depth follow-ups, structured insights and personalised guidelines.

Automise the onboarding process!

Align teams on best practice

Noota identifies winning behaviours and provides data-driven insights to encourage positive change.

Make all your team members top performers!

goal achievment
rake note

Reduces manual time and boosts efficiency

Noota is your business assistant, it records, transcribes and takes notes in real time so you can focus on your meeting.


De revenue généré en plus par rep

improve revenue


De temps d’onboarding en moins

onboarding improvement


De temps gagné pour suivre les équipes

What noota does for your team ?

Conversation Analysis

  • Visual representation of topics, subjects and questions
  • Sentiment and talk-to-listen ratio
  • Evolution of your deals in time

Personal Assistant

  • Records & transcribes your customer interactions
  • Generates suggestions to help you go through your meeting
  • Automatically takes notes

Opportunity Synthesis

  • Clear picture on the grand total of your deals
  • Full-scale insights in metric form to anticipate the income
  • Highlights of the key moments of your meeting

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