Why should you transcribe all your meetings?

Do you have to attend meetings every day? Do you have to memorise a very large amount of data? You don’t know if transcription can help you? We have the answers to your questions! In this article, find out why you can no longer do without transcripts of your meetings.

Keeping everything you say

During the meetings, a lot of information is exchanged between the different interlocutors. Of course, it is not possible to retain all of this information. Moreover, each person has a different memory (influenced by several factors) and everyone loses at least 15% of the information given during the following days. If you are interested in understanding how our memory works, I invite you to read the very relevant article written by Inserm by clicking here.

Transcription of the audio into text can then be a particularly necessary solution for meetings. It will allow you to consult all the exchanges and the key elements.

Moreover, this written format leaves a trace of your exchanges which allows you to check the evolution of things from one meeting to another and to be able to return to certain points when necessary.

Increase participants’ concentration

By automatically transcribing your meetings and recording them as they take place, you can ensure that your employees can concentrate better during your meetings. Indeed, they will not find the need to take notes and will be able to participate fully in the exchanges and other debates that take place.

In this way, you can ensure that your meetings are more lively and that your employees are fully involved.

Avoiding oversights

By recording and transcribing your exchanges, you ensure that you do not miss any details or snippets of conversations that could occur and not be retained. The transcript ensures that you don’t miss anything and that you can go back to all the information exchanged.

Get a summary

Nowadays, the written transcription of audios and in particular of meetings makes it possible to obtain a summary of the exchanges that you may have had. This means that you no longer have to search for elements in a vast text, but can simply access the essential information at a glance. This saves you time when reading your meeting transcripts and allows you to remember the main topics discussed.

Share with your colleagues

Indeed, nothing is easier than to communicate a written file to your colleagues! With the transcript of your meetings, you ensure that you can quickly communicate a summary of your exchanges to all the participants in your meetings, thus allowing everyone to remain on the same level of information. This document can also be useful to remind subsequent meetings of what was said previously.

Informing those who are not present

Another important feature of the meeting transcript is that it allows you to pass on information to those who are not present at the meeting with just one click. Indeed, thanks to the transcription of your exchanges, you will be able to inform your colleagues who were unable to attend the meeting and who, as a result, will be able to enjoy it almost as if they had been present. Once again, you ensure that all your teams are on the same level of information and can work together in the best possible conditions.

Save time

With Noota, your meeting transcriptions are done in just a few minutes. Our artificial intelligence allows you to save a considerable amount of time during your working day, in several ways.

First, our Chrome extension allows you to record your meetings via a video conferencing application. You can then import this recording (or one not made via the extension) into the platform. It only takes a few minutes to get a transcript of your audio or video file.

Still with the aim of simplifying the transcriptions of your meetings, Noota offers you to download them in the format of your choice (Word, PDF…), but also to take advantage of a summary established thanks to the questions asked during the recording, or a report that you can add by highlighting the key moments of your exchanges.

As you can see, Noota does everything possible to make your meeting transcriptions quick and easy.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our teams, we will be delighted to answer your questions!

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