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30 free minutes to transcribe or subtitle your files.
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Duration of the files you can transcribe and subtitle on Noota


Real time dictation

Max file size

Import pre-recorder file

Minimum licence

Subtitle Video

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Additionnal transcirption

Record all your online meeting, add your camera or not, and click to transcribe

Screen recorder

Export your transcription in PDF, Word, HTML and Text. You can also choose to export subtitle format (SRT, VTT or TXT).


Add the words that are specific to your field or company.

Custom vocabulary

Create your own color code and highlight any verbatim. You can export the tags

Manual tags and Labels

SSO (Single Sign On)

Use our IA to automatically tags and extract topic, sub topic, keywords and a lot more !

Auto Tags and Analysis


For individuals

15$/ user / month

5h per month
10$ per additionnal hour

5 hours
2 hours
1 lience
10 €


For profesionnals

30$/ user / month

25h per month
5$/h aditionnal

25 hours
4 hours
1 licence
5 €


For teams and businesses

**$/ user / month

Unlimited transcription
Yearly only

4 hours
5 licences

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Frequently asked questions

We accept all types of audio and video formats.


Video : MP4, M4A, AVI, MOV.

If your file is not yet compatible, come back to us and we will add it as soon as possible

For a one-hour file, allow about 20 minutes.
You will receive an email as soon as it is ready.

Noota is compatible with cell phones. For the moment you can visit the website from your phone. Soon an Android application will be available!

Your credits are renewed every month.

You can stop your subscription at any time. You are not committed. You only pay for the period you wish to use Noota. If the subscription is not cancelled, it will be renewed automatically.